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Family and Business

  • Is your family business facing a major change, such as an acquisition, sale or transition of ownership to the next generation?
  • Do you require a trusted advisor and experienced sparring partner with an independent and impartial perspective?
  • Are tensions or conflicts having a negative impact on your business or family?
  • Do you find that the routines of daily business don't allow you to innovate or concentrate on what is truly important?

As your partner, I will serve you when you are facing important decisions, supporting you at every key strategic, operational and personal stage. Together we will assess the specifics of your individual situation and identify solutions considering every aspect of a family business - not just focussing on isolated aspects.

For strategic clarity, new perspectives and a sound foundation to create the strongest possible future for both: you – and your business.


  • Business Strategy

    We will team up with all stakeholders to develop a sustainable business strategy together. In doing so, a particular emphasis will be placed on mutual respect, innovation and a partnership at every stage of the value chain.

  • Family Business Governance

    I support owners of a family business in developing a family constitution, in which general values, rules and goals are determined.

  • Succession

    I will accompany both the owners and their successors in developing objectives, defining timelines and establishing milestones throughout the ownership succession in a multi-generation family business. I am also happy to support you in the sale of your business to external buyers.

  • Company Value

    Knowing the value of your company is a vital and valuable piece of information. In many cases, valuations are only carried out on an irregular and infrequent basis, which often leads to diverging assessments. I will help you to assess a pragmatic, realistic and neutral valuation of your company.

  • Conflict Resolution

    The close relationship between business and family is the key factor for the success of family businesses. At the same time, this can also be a source of tension. I understand both the particular strengths and weaknesses of family businesses and serve you as both facilitator and mediator.

  • Advisory and Supervisory Boards

    Advisory and supervisory boards have a unique role to play within multi-generation family businesses. The right governance structures can prove to be a beneficial and long-lasting tool. I will support you in creating and establishing family business boards, and in dealing with all board-related questions.

  • Changing Perspectives

    Whatever your specific goals: I will visit you personally in order to get to know you and gain a full understanding of all aspects of your family business. When it comes to important decisions and processes, it can often prove beneficial to get away from your daily routine and familiar surroundings. Which is why we can also meet somewhere special, in a setting more conducive to rational and factual assessment: In Cádiz, Andalusia, in one of Europe's oldest cities, where we will stay in an completely renovated historic building from the 18th century. In the alternation of culture, sea, nature and concentrated work, the best ideas can emerge. For you and your company.

    Change your perspective – create room for change!


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About me

As an entrepreneur and advisor, I have been supporting business owners, successors, shareholders and other stakeholders in family businesses through both key strategic and personal phases since 2010. In doing so, I draw on extensive personal experience:

  • At a relatively young age I took on responsibility within a 200-year-old business in sixth generation family ownership before going on to assume the role of Managing Director in 1996 and – in agreement with my siblings – of all shareholdings.
  • Over a ten-year period the industrial grain mill achieved a growth rate of 20% and returns on sales of more than 10%. Operating at maximum capacity, I developed a strategy to relocate and expand, before ultimately taking the strategic and personal decision to sell the business to a market leader, Neuss-based Wilh. Werhahn KG.
  • As Managing Director, I successfully managed the integration of our family business on an interim basis, along with other sites that generated revenues of more than EUR 100 million. Prior to leaving the company in 2009, I was responsible for identifying, appointing and inducting my successor.

In addition to my work as an advisor, also in partnership with INTES Beratung für Familienunternehmen GmbH (until 2012), along with 3con Management Consultants GmbH (until 2015), I also mentor start-ups as a business angel and work as a lecturer, speaker and moderator for a range of forums and universities.


  • Process Technologist for the Milling Industries (1991)
  • Business Studies (Strategic Management and Marketing Strategy) in Germany and Great Britain (1996)
  • St. Gallen’s Executive Business School (2010)
  • Business Model Generation (2011)
  • Effectuation (2012)
  • Facilitator Curriculum with certification (2013)
  • Executive Programme “Advisory/Supervisory Boards” at the PwC Board Academy,
    BeitenBurkhardt, Commerzbank and Board Partners with certification (2014)
  • Theory U (Claus Otto Scharmer/Massachusetts Institute of Technology) MITx U.Lab Certificate (2015)


To provide you with the assistance you require in your unique personal and business situation, it is important to align your specific requirements with the necessary competences and experience. If required, we can also call on additional specialists from your or from my own network of professional contacts. I will still be your principal contact and will coordinate all meetings and steps.



If you have any questions, require more information about my services, or would like an initial offer, please contact me by phone: +49 171 777 0120 or email: . look forward to hearing from you!

I would also be delighted to invite you to a personal meeting.